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Some few examples of our offer which is almost neverending:



Caciocavallo di bufala (ripened buffalo cheese)Caciocavallo di bufala (ripened buffalo cheese):

This relative fat cheese can have a short, medium and long maturation.  It has a hard, smooth and strawcoloured rind and the dough is white and soft when short ripened, strawcoloured and hard when long ripened.

Its taste is very aromatic and spicy when long ripened.

To be paired with olives, jam or nuts, white or red wine.




Caciocavallo Gigante (cow milk)Caciocavallo Gigante (cow milk):

this very typical fat and ripened cheese has more or less similar features as the one made form buffalo milk with the difference that this is made of cow milk and that the form is very big.

For this reason the ripening time has to be at least 5 months.





Caciotta affumicata/peperonicino (smoked cheese with and without chili)Caciotta affumicata/peperonicino (smoked cheese with and without chili):

For the production of this very delicate cheese is used the fresh caciotta which is smoked with well seasoned beechwood.

The result is a very mild and complete flavour which can be made stronger adjoining chili.



Caciotta di pecora (ripened sheep cheese)Caciotta di pecora (ripened sheep cheese)

Caciotta cheese is a young cheese due to the necessity of shepherds to create a milder form of the hard cheeses.

This ripened caciotta is equally hard, as it is ripened, but less fat than the typical hard cheese.

It is available made from any kind of milk, the buffalo, sheep and goat milk types are lighter and the ones made of cow milk.




Parmigiano Reggiano and Imbriaco (wine cheese text: drunken)from left to right:

Parmigiano Reggiano and Imbriaco (Parmesan Reggiano and wine "drunken"cheese)

Parmesan is surely the most famous Italian cheese and perhaps the most imitated in the world.

But whoever has once tasted the original one knows that it is impossible to imitate it.  Produced from the cow milk of the Reggio Emilia area under a very severe control it develops its unique flavor.

The Imbriaco or Ubriaco is ripened cow milk cheese which is immersed in vine marc and gets in this way its particular wine flavour.

Provolone doc


Provolone doc:

Is a kneaded-curd cheese made from cow milk.  Generally spherical or truncated cone shape, it can be sweet, spicy or medium.



Ricotta stagionata (ripened ricotta)Ricotta stagionata (ripened ricotta):

is a fresh ricotta which is ripened.

Available made from cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk.



                                                                 .... and much more! 

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