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Most of our sauces are made in an authentic and traditional way, without preservatives.
The flavor is that of the sauces prepared by the grandmother on Sunday mornings, when she prepared the Sunday lunch, with really genuine ingredients:

Dinamite calabrese (spicy chili mixture)Dinamite calabrese (spicy chili mixture)

A cream made from the strongest chili peppers from Calabria to give every food a strong note.

Pesto al basilicoPesto al basilico is a traditional sauce, typical of Liguria. With the name pesto alla genovese, it is included among the traditional Ligurian agricultural products (PAT). Its basic ingredient is basil which is obtained by crushing the basil with salt, pine nuts and garlic, all seasoned with parmesan, pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil. It is therefore a raw sauce, that is a mixture in which the ingredients are mixed and not cooked.   


Sugo alla siciliana with aubergines, tomatoes, capers and olives  Sugo alla siciliana with aubergines. tomatoes, capers and olives

Capers and eggplants give this sauce its name. This flavor association is typical of Sicily, the place of origin of the capers. The final touch comes from the olives, which are perfect for the caper's taste.







SalseReady Made Sauces

Sugo al nero di seppia (Sepia Sauce)Sugo al nero di seppia (Sepia Ink Sauce)

Cuttlefish ink is the dark liquid secreted by cuttlefish and used in Mediterranean cuisine as a sauce ingredient for pasta dishes.

Made with sepia ink, chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, white wine and parsley.

Sugo alle vongole (Clamsauce)Sugo alle vongole (Venusmuschel Sauce)

                                  A traditional Neapolitan sauce eaten with spaghetti or linguine. It is made with clams, garlic, tomatoes and white wine.






And so many more!


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