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ChiliPeperoncinoJapanese and American researchers found that chili might play an important role in the prevention of prostate cancer. The regular use of Chili, thanks to its antioxidant properties, appears to inhibit the growth of cancerous stomach level.
Particularly interesting is its effect on regularization of blood circulation combined with a beneficial effect in cases of inflammation.
When administered orally, capsaicin (present in chili) urges a greater secretion of digestive enzymes during the digestive process. It seems, moreover, that the chili, as well as stimulating the blood circulation, is a powerful vasodilator, and makes blood capillaries elastic; it was found that in regions where its use is spread, diseases like heart attacks, atherosclerosis and excess cholesterol are significantly limited.
Finally, it seems that even hair benefits from the use of chili; in fact, a better blood circulation would also have a positive effect on the lives of capilliferi bulbs. It is important to remember that as with all foods, you shouldn't abuse it risking to transmute a healthy food into harmful.

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