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Culatello was first mentioned in a document in 1735. 

Only the thigh meat is filled in the bladder skin of the pig and this is done only in the cold season, this is from October to February. 

The meat is separated from the bone and shaped by hand, which comes the typical pear shape from. After about 10 days, the meat is salted, filled into the skin and tied with jute cord. This lacing must be relatively wide-meshed and irregular after storage. Storage in the cellar accompanies Culatello from the winter mist to the summer heat in order to develop its best taste on our tables in the following winter.

Pancetta (bacon)Pancetta (bacon)

Pancetta is a bacon prepared with the belly part of the animal.

The belly of the pigs is quartered and trimmed. The greasy part of it is used for making salami or grits.  After trimming, season with salt, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg.  

Thereafter, the piece is stored for a few days, but the actual storage for smaller pieces is 50-60 days, for larger ones about 90-120.

Prosciutto San DanieleProsciutto San Daniele (San Daniele Ham)  and Prosciutto di Parma (Parmaham)

Prosciutto di San Daniele (PDO) is a cured ham that has been recognized by the Italian State since 1970 as a designation of origin and since 1996 by the European Union as a product of the protected designation of origin DOP, since its characteristics are due to the particular geographical natural environment which includes also human factors.

Prosciutto di San Daniele is produced by 31 companies in the municipality of San Daniele in the Friuliregion in accordance with the relevant and established production process. A certified ham can be recognized by the branded manufacturer identification code and consortium name.

Parma ham is a typical cured ham from the province of Parma. 

It is famous all over the world and not only for its characteristic nutritional properties (only pork and salted meat ingredients, no additives or preservatives).

 An original Parma ham is recognizable by the crown, which is burned on its bark.


Salame forte (spicy salami)Salame forte (spicy salami)

Salami is a spiced sausage made from a mixture of minced meat and fat. The name comes from the salting procedure, which is necessary for preservation. Afterwards spices are added, which vary locally (including: garlic, black or white pepper, chopped or in grains, fennel, mace).

 In this case there is also added spicy chili.


Soppressata (special drawn)Soppressata (special type of salami)

Soppressata is a special kind of smoked meat, recognized as a traditional Italian agrarian food, original from Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria, Abruzzo, Molise and Campania. The used meat comes from the freshly slaughtered pig, using the technique of the "knife tip", a coarse cut that cuts the meat very compactly, leaving it particularly intact. This sausage is made with a selection of fine ham slices, shoulder and belly pieces of bacon and soft lard (the latter added to make the meat "softer" which is usually too thin to be used alone). The sliced ​​meat is then seasoned with salt, whole peppercorns (possibly "revived", by gently pounding in a mortar) and dried chili powder.


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