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Pasta and organic pastaThe production process of pasta is very important: first of all the cultivation of the cereals is the first very important step. Avoiding all harmful fertilizers is the first thing which our cereal farmers try to do. Planting always different kind of vegetables every year is another one (in order to not to exploit the ground too much). These kind of attention have also farmers who are not specificly organic farmers but farmers who still work in a not industrial way.
The way our pasta is made is “trafilato al bronzo” which is a very antique way to work the different forms of pasta with a bronze wire drawn. Before this the pasta must be dried very slowly. This very special procedure has its effects in a much better taste.

For all the cereals organic farming uses only natural fertilizers and for calling a ground organic, a lot of controls must precede.
Beyond the the white and whole wheat pasta we offer also spelt (very healthy, a medicine for almost everything) and kamut pasta which benefits are already very famous. Today the daily diet is full of pesticides, dyes, many preservatives and industrial handling. All this has helped to cause various food intolerances. Proper nutrition helps us to live healthy and prevent a lot of problems. Pasta is obtained by processing wheat. To preserve the benefits of this, it is dried at low temperature, not exceeding fifty degrees. The white pasta, is suitable for those who have trouble digesting raw fibers, since the semolina is made from the finest wheat. Semolina wholemeal Kamut is rich in fiber, because it's produced with a grain-free bran wheat . This organic food is a safe food , does not cause any allergies as its wheat is not subject to pesticide contamination on the ground. Organic food means that all natural products need not be polluted by pesticides, soil is fertilized by organic matter and minerals. For these unspoiled articles today there is a great publicity on television, in restaurants, and even the medical adviser talks about it in a positive way. Intestinal disorders are in major cases solved, those who have digestion problems easily surpass them.  Who suffers under food allergy faces the problem without a big sacrifice, because the flavor of the dough is light and digested without any complications. There are also benefits for our physical and mental shape. In addition this, a big part of mankind got tired of seeing nature destroyed , therefore it c contributes to re-establish a balance with the environment which today sadly is far away, but with this filosofy one could try to regain the respect for our environment.

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