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Most of our sauces are genuine made, without any preserves, just as grandma once did every sunday morning when she prepared the traditional pasta dish for the sunday's lunch. The artisan production of these sauces uses real genuine ingredients:

Pelati and cherrytomatoes in barrels 400 grPelati (peeled tomatoes and cherrytomatoes)

Peeled tomato is a typical preserve product. For the preparation of peeled tomatoes are used generally San Marzano tomatoes. After a thorough washing, they boiled for at least two minutes, in order to facilitate the peeling process. Once peeled, they are introduced into the cans and sealed. Often the final cooking takes place inside the can itself, to ensure a longer storage.

Ciliegino IGP is characteristic for the "cherry" appearance on a cluster with round, small and colored fruits.

Polpa di Pomodoro (tomatoe pulp) in glass bottle 690 mlPolpa di Pomodoro (tomato pulp)

The tomato pulp sauce is the most classic Italian condiment for pasta. It is a tasty and light sauce, excellent  combined with spaghetti. Very good on any occasion. 

Pomodorini Piennole del Vesuvio (Piennolo cherrytomatoes from Vesuvius)Pomodorini Piennole del Vesuvio ("Pendulm" cherrytomatoes from Vesuvius)

The vesuvian tomato is a variety of tomatoes which grows exclusively in the Vesuvian area.  It is elongated-oval, slightly pear- or heart-shaped, and the tip is clearly visible. The Vesuvio tomatoes can be preserved for a long time thanks to their thick skin. They are traditionally clustered and hung on the balconies, taking in this way the name of piennolo (pendulum) or spongillo (for the tip on their top).

For the very small cultivation area, the price set is slightly higher than other cherrytomatoes. The land which this variety is cultivated on is the result of thousands of years' lava stratification and difficult to reach, as it is located at a high altitude. For this reason, in Naples, "spongillo" tomatoes are also called "mountain"tomatoes..

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