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We founded Mozzarella Village in 2012 with the great desire to convey the Campanian cuisine to people all over the world. The Mediterranean diet has recently been declared indispensable by the World Health Organization for healthy eating and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

"We want to give you the utmost pleasure of Italian cuisines from Campania, with a focus on high quality products and their traditional processing. Our food production is based on authentic methods culminating in truly Italian flavors.
The idea of ​​exporting some of Italy's best products came about when we saw our Austrian relatives bite into the fresh, juicy buffalo mozzarella with the utmost pleasure. We wondered why this should be limited to the holiday! Therefore, we started the journey to share these subtleties with the world.

Anyone who has tasted fresh, Campanian buffalo mozzarella knows the difference between it and others which claim to be true mozzarella. Genuine Campanian buffalo mozzarella as well as many other fine products of Italian cuisine are absolutely in short supply.
We know the best producers personally and know about the species of buffalo keeping, their diet and the entire production process, as well as all the ingredients used.

All this is extremely important to ensure the authenticity of the final product. The regional cuisine of Campania is unique due to the fertile volcanic soil. Our producers also use traditional farming methods. The combination of all these factors is the unique taste that can be achieved extra-regionally only through unnatural methods.

Our preference for non-industrial products, possibly also free of any additives, and the growing consumer interest led us to our biolines.
All products of this line have the European quality seal "From certified organic agriculture".
We are convinced that in the trade in high-quality foods, you have to be enthusiastic about your products first. This is the only way to fulfill every job joyfully and reliably.

Our Europe - USA - Asia - Pacific team share the enthusiasm for our goal to share the enjoyment of fine Italian-Campanian cuisine with the world over.
Come and share with us the experiences that many others have already enjoyed!

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